The best time to post on LinkedIn in 2021

The best time to post on LinkedIn in 2021

With the rise of paid advertising and marketing software, it is no secret that social media platforms are not only a place for mutual connection and exchange between strangers, but have also become a place where businesses can build a brand. Marketing campaigns on social media can expose businesses to a wide audience that could become potential customers. In fact, LinkedIn, a social media platform for professional engagement, it has 303 million monthly active users.
Attracting an engaged audience on LinkedIn requires you to create engaging content. But, if you don’t post your content at the right time, most of your followers will never see your updates. So how do you calculate the optimal time to post for your specific audience?

The truth is that there is no correct answer. But you can do a little research to make assumptions about the best times to post based on your audience. In the next section, we’ll go over time-based posting to the platform based on your industry or business goals.

The best time to post on LinkedIn

Thinking about the behavior of your audience is key. It’s best to do market research to learn more about how your audience uses the internet, or to refer to your buyer persona if you’ve collected that information. If your ideal customer is someone who is a working professional, it’s safe to assume that during business hours, you won’t have time to check your social media feeds. However, there are pockets throughout the day where professionals tend to check social media, such as lunch hours and while on their way to and from work. From there, based on your time zone, you can estimate when it is expected to reach the most customers. Also, think of the majority of LinkedIn’s audience: professionals who work, higher education students and college graduates. Generally, your behavior on the web would reflect being busy during normal business hours. During the above time periods, people usually prepare for work, just start the day, or take an afternoon break. But let’s say you want to publish according to your industry. Next, we’ll talk about making the decision to publish based on your type of business.

  <h2>Best time to post on LinkedIn</h2>

    While not a one-size-fits-all, marketers have had success on LinkedIn posting Tuesday through Thursday, typically between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m., depending on your time zone.  The worst time to post is on weekends or after business hours, which is 9 a.m.  M. At 5 p.  M. Perhaps you are a higher education student thinking about the best time to reach out to thought leaders or a marketer for a B2B company.  There's no set answer here either, but luckily, doing your research on the type of audience you're trying to capture based on your industry can lead you to make an informed decision.

  <h2>Best time to post on LinkedIn by industry</h2>

    For B2C companies, between 11 a.m.  M. And 2 p.m.  M. Software companies and B2B companies should aim for outside of 9 a.m.  M. At 5 p.m.  M. Health and higher education companies must publish from 11 a.m.  M. A 1 p.  Find out when your posts will garner the highest engagement based on the behavior of competitors in your industry, as well as audience members.  Software and Media Companies: Audiences of media companies are suspected of looking to their social media in the morning, as some would read a newspaper.  They are likely to have success posting in the morning Monday through Friday, while it is suggested that software companies find similar successful posts outside of business hours.  Healthcare and Higher Education: Suggested mid-morning, so around 10 a.m.  Until the early hours of the afternoon, around 2 p.m.  Higher education also seems to follow suit.  B2B companies: For B2B companies, analyzing web behavior is the best indicator.  Your audiences are likely to be other professionals, so it's best to target them before they start work, during lunch hours, and on the go.  B2C companies - Like B2B companies, these companies are likely to be successful with audiences when they post outside of business hours or during lunch breaks.  If you post content on LinkedIn when the majority of your audience is offline, chances are you won't receive the amount of views and engagement you expected.  So remember, if you want to build a brand on LinkedIn, it's crucial to know when your specific audience prefers to browse the site.  You will have a better idea of ​​how to define the time of your publications almost every time you want to update your followers on the platform.

How often should I post on LinkedIn?

Our research has found that you don’t want to post more than five times a week on LinkedIn, and you will find the highest engagement in your first two posts. As a result, we suggest two to five times a week, depending on your industry, audience, and the type of content you hope to post on the platform. However, quantity should not beat quality. When it comes to posting, you want to make sure you are thoughtful, strategic, and helpful with every piece of content you post on LinkedIn. If you post lower-quality content simply to hit the five-piece mark, you’ll end up hurting your engagement metrics on the platform and LinkedIn will show your content less often to your followers. As is the case with all social platforms, the algorithm prioritizes good content. If you choose to publish five posts per week on LinkedIn, consider how your content type can vary. For example, maybe on Monday you will post a video, on Tuesday you will post a thought leadership article, on Wednesday you will share a blog post, and on Thursday you will write a compelling status and ask followers to provide feedback in the comment section. As you develop your LinkedIn strategy, you can iterate on this over time while figuring out what types of content work best on your own business page. Ultimately, a LinkedIn strategy is a long game. Try these tactics, but also try some experiments for yourself – your audience is unique and you may discover your own powerful ideas about LinkedIn content as you continue to publish high-quality content while taking the time to interact with other industries. Relevant posts, too.

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