How to schedule a Facebook post: a step-by-step guide

How to schedule a Facebook post: a step-by-step guide

While platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and even TikTok have gained significant user ground in recent years, one social channel remains the market leader: Facebook. Recently, the Pew Research Center revealed that nearly 70% of all American adults use Facebook, while 74% go online on a daily basis. Worldwide, Facebook has more than 2.7 billion users. And today, regularly posting relevant and timely content to Facebook is key to reaching a large and broad audience. Why? Trends, content, and discussion on any social media channel move much faster than on older platforms such as television or radio. While content is vital to engaging audiences, the rapid and consistent creation of new social media posts can overwhelm even tech-savvy social media managers. While creating content manually comes with the advantage of current relevance, it also requires site owners to constantly track trends and interactions on Facebook and then create relevant posts to take advantage of current conditions. But what if the owners of a site are not online? What if users on the other side of the world just wake up and search for content while social managers are still asleep? Scheduled posts can help. There is a solution for many of the above problems: scheduled Facebook posts. The Facebook Post Scheduling Tool allows you to launch pre-created content on your Facebook Business Page at a predetermined date and time. By scheduling a few posts in advance each week, you and your team can maintain a normal work schedule while freeing yourself up to brainstorm new social media strategies. While it’s still critical to create manual posts that address specific events or emerging market conditions, scheduled posts can help optimize your social efforts on a large scale. Not sure how to schedule an engaging Facebook post? Here we will show you how to do this and how to solve common programming problems. We’ll start with the steps to schedule a standard post. If you are interested in learning how to schedule a post swap on another page, click here to go to that section.

  <h2>How to schedule a Facebook post</h2>

          Log in to your Facebook Business page.  Click Publishing Tools.  Create an attractive post.  Set your post time.  Consider putting the expense behind your content.  Track and adjust your schedule.  Consider scheduling cross promotions.  Embrace programming tools.  Don't overdo your schedule.  Compare your scheduled content with that of the competition.

Step 1: Login to your Facebook business page.

The first step in making a scheduled Facebook post is to make sure you are logged into your company page. Currently, personal pages do not offer the same variety of publishing tools.

Step 2: Click on “Publishing Tools”.

In the left menu of your company’s Facebook page, click “Publishing Tools.” This will display a list of all published posts, as well as options to view your scheduled posts, drafts, and expired posts.

Step 3: create an attractive post.

Select “Create Post” at the top of your post. Write your post in the provided text box and add any images or links; You’ll get a real-time preview of the post as you create it to help identify any potential issues. While composing your post copy, don’t overcomplicate your scheduled posts. Design them in the same way as on-demand posts – be engaging, personable, and relevant.

Step 4: set a post time.

When you’re happy with your new post, select “Schedule” from the drop-down menu under News Feed. This will open a box allowing you to choose an exact date and time.

Step 5: Consider putting spending behind your content.

Is it worth pointing out? You can also increase the reach of your Facebook post by paying the social media site to advertise it for a specific period of time. Select the “Boost” option next to “Publish” to select your budget, target audience and the desired duration of the publication. For more information on how to promote Facebook content and run ads, click here.

Step 6: Track and adjust your schedule.

The Publish Options menu allows you to keep track of what you have already published and when new publications will be published. Please review it regularly to make sure your scheduled posts still make sense. For example, if you’ve suddenly run into production or supply issues, you may want to unschedule posts about big sales on lower-stock items.

Step 7: Consider scheduling cross promotions.

It’s also worth noting that scheduled posts don’t automatically trigger any other notifications, such as Tweets. If you want Facebook posts to run alongside other social media posts, make sure you know the posting dates so you can increase the impact of cross-platform promotions. Besides, you can also use useful tools such as HubSpot’s social media software to schedule posts on multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Step 8: Embrace the programming tools.

While you can create and manage all your scheduled posts manually, this can get complicated very quickly as the impact of your Facebook page expands. As mentioned above, social media management tools like HubSpot or Oktopost to help optimize scheduling while focusing on creating more engaging on-demand content.

Step 9: Don’t over-program.

It can be easy to think that you can schedule all your posts for weeks at a time and then not bother with social media for days. But that is far from the truth. If you run multiple scheduled posts per day, customer interest can quickly fade as your page begins to look more like a sales vehicle than a social platform. While new product launches or changes at large companies are worth mentioning, don’t over-schedule.

Step 10: Compare your scheduled content with that of the competition.

Want to schedule posts ahead of time, but are concerned about inauthentic or robotic copying? See what your best competition is doing. Check the frequency and content of your posts and use that knowledge to improve your social efforts. The goal of analyzing your competition is not to create carbon copies, but to follow the lead of their programming to make the best use of the potential of the social platform. Interested in scheduling a post that shows Facebook content already shared by a brand partner or company you are working with? Learn how to schedule shared posts below.

  <h2>How to schedule a shared post on Facebook</h2>

          Go to the post you want to share and click on the three dots.  Click Copy link.  Go to Post Publishing Tools.  Go to Settings to access the previous version of the tool.  Insert the link in your mailbox.  In the drop-down box under News Feed, select Schedule.

1. Go to the post you want to share and click the three dots.

This will show you all the settings related to a post. Please note that some posts, such as those from personal Facebook accounts, may have different settings and may not be shared.

2. Click “Copy link”.

3. Go to Post Publishing Tools.

As stated above, click the “Create Post” CTA to open a post creation page.

4. Go to Settings to access the previous version of the tool.

This is where things get tricky. When we tried to share a post with the new Facebook tool, the previews seemed a bit buggy. For the best preview options and to make sure your post looks normal, click the settings icon at the bottom left to access the old version of the tool while it still exists.

5. Insert the link in the text box of the post.

You should instantly see the company post below the text box. If you want to share a title about that post, you can also include it like this HubSpot blogger did below:

6. In the News Feed drop-down menu, select “Schedule”.

This will allow you to schedule a post similar to how you do it.

Why can’t I schedule a Facebook post?

Having trouble scheduling your Facebook post? There are several common culprits. First, verify that you are logged into the correct account. If you are logged into a personal page rather than a business page, or if you are not a page administrator, you will not be able to schedule posts. Then be sure to look in the right place. Until recently, the post scheduling feature was moved from the “Create Post” box on Facebook business pages to the “Post Options” page. If you try to create a scheduled post from your home page, you won’t see the schedule button, but you should see an information box that directs you to the Post Options page.

What cannot be programmed on Facebook?

Unfortunately, you can’t schedule everything you post to Facebook. While link posts, photos and videos can be scheduled, photo albums, polls, or events cannot be set to start automatically. You can’t program either Facebook Stories.

Create an effective Facebook schedule

Scheduling posts on Facebook is a great way to boost your business impact and drive user engagement. Remember to keep content simple and relevant, don’t over-schedule, cross-promote posts whenever possible, and leverage best-in-class tools to optimize scheduling on a large scale.

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