How to create a YouTube channel step by step

How to create a YouTube channel step by step

Once you’ve set up and logged into your Google account, it’s time to create a channel. Click on your user icon in the upper right corner. This represents both your Google account and your YouTube account (since YouTube is owned by Google). You will see a drop down menu, where you will want to click on “Settings”. From there, you will be taken to the overview of your account. Click “Create a new channel” under “Your channel.” The first step is to create a brand account. It can be any name you want and it does not have to be the same name that you used to create your Google account, but we recommend that it reflects the brand that the YouTube channel will represent. After entering the brand account name, you may be prompted to verify the account via text message or voice call. If that happens, enter the code you receive from the option you choose. Once you have verified your brand account, you will be directed to your channel’s dashboard. Now is the time to start customizing it.

3. Go to the Custom Channel page.

We’ll start with the fundamental details about your channel. On your channel’s dashboard, click “Custom Channel.” From there, you will be taken to the channel personalization page. You will notice three tabs: “Design”, “Brand” and “Basic Information”. These three tabs will help you optimize your channel for viewers.

4. Add basic information to your channel for greater visibility.

Start by clicking on “Basic Information”. This is where you’ll enter basic information about your channel, such as the language your videos are in, as well as a description that helps people discover your channel when they enter search terms that describe the videos they are searching for. These keywords can include what your channel is about, the problems it helps solve, the people and products featured, your industry, and more. You can also add links to sites that you want to share with your viewers. These links will show up over your banner image (more on this later) like this:

5. Upload brand elements to your channel.

In addition to the descriptive details you have added, there is another element of personalization for a new YouTube channel: images. In the tab “Brand development”, you can add your:

Profile picture

Among the art on this channel is your profile photo – this is how YouTube users will identify the creator of a video when browsing the video content. You will see this image appear below YouTube videos on the watch page, as shown below. YouTube recommends using an image with dimensions of at least 98 x 98 pixels.

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